WSE has extensive experience in developing hydraulic models to evaluate habitat restoration alternatives, levee setbacks and other flood relief measures, dam breach flood routing, bank revetment designs, bridge hydraulics and scour, floodplain impacts, channel erosion and geomorphic response, floodway and floodplain mapping studies, and other challenging hydraulic problems.

As an industry leader in the development and application of both simple and sophisticated numerical hydraulic models, our engineers are proficient and experienced in choosing the appropriate modeling tools that will help to gain insight and solve a given problem. Modeling programs regularly used by WSE staff include one-dimensional steady and unsteady programs such as HEC-RAS and FEQ, and two-dimensional programs such as SRH-2D, RiverFlow2D, FST2DH/FESWMS and FLO-2D, as well as HEC-RAS. Model development is enhanced by our in-house expertise using GIS to develop TINs and other model inputs, as well as associated pre- and post-processing programs such as HEC-GeoRAS, RAS Mapper, and SMS.

Examples of our work in hydraulic modeling and analysis

Haffner-Barfuse Floodplain Restoration Project

King County retained WSE and Herrera Environmental Consultants to evaluate the hydraulic and geomorphic effects of proposed levee and revetment setback along the Snoqualmie River near Fall City, WA that is aimed at restoring salmonid habitat and maintaining or improving existing flood hazard protection.

Lones Turley Restoration Project Hydraulic Modeling

The Lones Turley levee reach of the Middle Green River has been identified by King County as one of its top high-value salmon recovery habitat restoration projects for potential implementation.

Elma to Porter Flood Mitigation Project

WSE was retained by Grays Harbor County to evaluate options for improving Wakefield Road south of Elma to reduce upstream flood impacts caused by flood flows from the lower Chehalis River.

Aberdeen - Hoquiam North Shore Levee

The Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam in Grays Harbor County are proposing to construct a levee along the Wishkah and Hoquiam Rivers and the harbor to provide protection from coastal and riverine flooding.

North Fork Snoqualmie Bridge Protection and Flood Mitigation

The existing 428th Ave. SE bridge over the North Fork Snoqualmie River is at risk of damage by scour and erosion and the roads leading to the bridge are frequently overtopped by flood water.

Kittitas County FEMA Mapping

The Kittitas County Department of Public Works desired to better understand flood risk along ten streams that descend from Colockum and Ryegrass ridges north and east of the City of Ellensburg.

Ten Mile Creek Bridge Replacement Hydraulic Analysis

WSE, retained by Sargent Engineers, provided hydraulic design services for the replacement of an aging bridge over Ten Mile Creek in Whatcom County, WA.

Lower Cedar River HEC-RAS 1D/2D Modeling

As part of the Cedar River Corridor Plan, the lower 2.6 miles of the Cedar River were modeled for both the current condition (with significant sediment aggradation) and a proposed dredged condition.

Penstock Breach Flood Routing

A client required an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for the FERC licensing of a hydroelectric project in Utah.

White River Countyline Levee Setback Conditional Letter of Map Revision

WSE was retained by King County to develop an updated branched flow one-dimensional (1D) HEC-RAS hydraulic model of the White River from East Valley Highway (A St SE) in Auburn to the Stewart Road bridge (8th St E) in Sumner.

Squalicum Creek Channel Relocation and Modeling

The City of Bellingham completed design and construction of a mile long relocation of Squalicum Creek, coincident with designs for a regional rail trail along with a future major roadway connection.

Middle Fork Snoqualmie River - Hydraulic Modeling and Analysis

King County intends to prepare a Corridor Management Plan for the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River from approximately Snoqualmie River Mile (RM) 45 near the Three Forks Natural Area (upstream of its confluence with the South Fork Snoqualmie River) to RM 49 near the community of Tanner.

Honolulu Light Rail Stream Crossings - Pearl Highlands Station

As part of a planned 20-mile elevated light rail project on the island of Oahu, WSE has partnered with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants to conduct hydraulic engineering for approximately 20 stream crossings.

Tukwila South Development

LaPianta LLC required preparation of a comprehensive stormwater management approach and plan for the proposed Tukwila South development in Tukwila.

Chehalis River Basin Flood Hazard Mitigation Alternatives Analysis

WSE was selected as part of the Anchor QEA study team to evaluate a broad range of options for flood hazard reduction in the Chehalis River basin.