Hydrology, the study of the earth’s water, is at the root of all that we do at WSE. Larry, WSE’s senior hydrologist, is a recognized expert in hydrologic modeling and analysis and has provided expert consulting in hydrology to more than 100 clients in the Pacific Northwest over the past 25 years. Understanding complex theory and sophisticated hydrologic models is critical to this work but practical experience gained through hundreds of projects is even more essential.

WSE staff have designed and implemented gaging networks, conducted field monitoring programs, prepared and analyzed hydrologic data of all types, served as beta testers of new hydrologic models, conducted applied research in snowmelt and runoff forecasting, and assisted various clients in developing an understanding of complex hydrologic systems. While hydrologic analyses are sometimes undertaken simply to develop an improved understanding of current conditions, it is more often the case that these analyses are done to serve as input to river restoration, reservoir operations, floodplain management, sedimentation studies or other disciplines in which WSE works. As such, WSE’s broad skill set including hydraulics and water management allow us to focus our efforts in hydrologic analyses to make the most efficient use of our client’s resources.

Some examples of our work in hydrology

Factoria Area Storm Drainage Modeling

Flooding in the Factoria area of the City of Bellevue has impacted public roads and several businesses over the past several years.

Aberdeen - Hoquiam North Shore Levee

The Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam in Grays Harbor County are proposing to construct a levee along the Wishkah and Hoquiam Rivers and the harbor to provide protection from coastal and riverine flooding.

Snohomish County Master Drainage Plan Analysis

WSE was tasked under an On-call contract with Snohomish County to assist the County with Master Drainage Planning in the Lake Serene (Norma Creek) and Waxen Road (North Creek) drainage basins.

Naneum/Wilson/Cherry Watershed Assessment

The creeks that enter the Kittitas Valley near Ellensburg form a naturally complex system. Over 100 years of manipulation for irrigation, including canals, ditches, diversions, and returns, has increased the hydraulic complexity of the valley.

Innis Creek Road Flood Mitigation Project

Innis Creek Road passes through a large wetland in which water levels rise above and typically inundate the road surface throughout the late fall, winter and spring.

Colockum Creek Bridge Scour Repair

Three Chelan County bridges sustained significant scour and erosion damage during a major flood in September 2013.

Musser Creek and Teanaway Road Flooding

The U.S. Forest Service, in partnership with Kittitas County, proposes to improve approximately 13 miles of the Teanaway and North Fork Teanaway roads.

Manastash Creek Post Flood Investigation & Flood Relief Alternatives

In May, 2011 a major flood on Manastash Creek near Ellensburg, WA caused significant damage to private property and public infrastructure.

Tukwila South Development

LaPianta LLC required preparation of a comprehensive stormwater management approach and plan for the proposed Tukwila South development in Tukwila.

Holden Mine Site Reclamation - Technical Review

Hart Crowser, under contract to the USDA Forest Service, is conducting a peer review of engineering analyses related to remedial design of the Holden Mine site in Eastern Washington.

Dam Reservoir Operations Analysis

An energy client required the development of an operational analysis of extreme floods for the a reservoir in Wyoming.

Chehalis River Basin Flood Hazard Mitigation Alternatives Analysis

WSE was selected as part of the Anchor QEA study team to evaluate a broad range of options for flood hazard reduction in the Chehalis River basin.