Watershed Science & Engineering (WSE) was retained by Kittitas County to prepare an alternatives analysis to identify and compare solutions to an active bank erosion problem along the Yakima River at Ringer Loop Road. The river is migrating toward the road and currently is approximately 20 feet from the pavement edge. The County desired to review all reasonable solutions in order to determine which action to pursue.

Role / Services: WSE identified 16 potential solutions which were screened and scored using a series of habitat, flood hazard management, and community support evaluation criteria. Ten alternatives were ruled out due to permitting challenges, lack of effectiveness, or because other alternatives offered similar benefits with fewer negative impacts. The remaining six alternatives were analyzed further. WSE developed concept drawings to flesh out project details which were used to prepare preliminary opinions of cost.

Outcome: The analysis lead to a recommendation to decommission a section of Ringer Loop Road and allow the river to continue its natural migration.

Yakima River Ringer Loop Road Alternative Analysis