The McKenzie River is actively eroding a 1500-foot long section of river bank adjacent to a cable-stay bridge that is owned by the Wildish Corporation in Eugene, Oregon.

Role / Services: WSE was retained to develop concepts to protect the river bank and complete a detailed hydraulic analysis to demonstrate that the proposed project would cause "No-Rise" in 100-year regulatory flood levels. WSE developed bank protection concepts, created a detailed HEC-RAS hydraulic model of the project reach, and used the model to provide hydraulic data for design calculations and demonstrate that the project would cause "No-Rise" in regulatory flood levels.

Outcome: A preferred design was identified and submitted to the agencies responsible for issuing project permits. The "No-Rise" investigation report was submitted to Lane County for review. The project received permits and was built in the fall of 2013.

Wildish McKenzie River Flood Protection