WSE was retained to provide hydraulic engineering services for the Hunter Creek Bridge Replacement Project in Mason County, Washington. The bridge carries the West Skokomish Valley Road over Hunter Creek, but the project site is unique in that it is located within and is heavily influenced by the much larger floodplain of the Skokomish River.

Role / Services: WSE conducted a site inspection, met with County and local residents familiar with flooding at the project site, and completed detailed hydrologic and hydraulic assessments to evaluate the performance of alternative bridge and road configurations.

Outcome: WSE provided design recommendations to minimize impacts on flood levels, channel morphology, and habitat. The goal is to produce a long-lasting, low maintenance crossing that meets hydraulic design requirements and receives approval from stakeholders which includes WDFW. Hydraulic design was completed in 2012, and the replacement bridge has now been constructed.

Hunter Creek Bridge Replacement Hydraulic Analysis