Landslides and channel instability in High Creek produce excessive sediment that is deposited in the downstream channel reach. Without regular maintenance, the channel under the Mt. Baker Highway Bridge fills with sediment, reducing its capacity and causing local flooding. In an earlier project, Whatcom County and WSE performed an alternatives analysis and developed a sediment management plan to address sediment and flooding issues in a fish-friendly and cost-effective manner. In this project, WSE is managing the development of final design and construction plans to implement the preferred alternative.

Role / Services: WSE is managing a team of subconsultants to develop permit-ready, 60% and final plans, specifications and cost estimates for the preferred alternative and provide construction support. WSE is also updating the previous hydrologic, hydraulic, and geomorphic analyses to reflect new survey and flow data as well as the updated plans.

Outcome: The project is at 60% design and is scheduled for construction in late 2017, pending available funding.

High Creek Final Design