Tools & Skills

Watershed Science & Engineering provides services to government agencies, municipalities, utilities, other engineering firms, and private citizens. Our focus is on technically and logistically challenging projects in rivers, streams, floodplains, lakes, estuaries, and coastal environments.  Successful completion of these projects often requires sophisticated tools and/or special skills such as the following:

  • Hydrologic Modeling – continuous simulation or event based hydrologic modeling with HSPF, HEC-HMS, HEC-1, KCRTS, SWMM, WWHM, DHSVM, or other modeling software for basin planning, dam safety or reservoir operation studies, Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) project evaluation, land development review, water rights analysis, climate change assessment, or similar projects.
  • Hydraulic Modeling – steady state or unsteady 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional hydraulic modeling using HEC-RAS, SRH-2D, FEQ, FLO-2D, River2D, Riverflow2D, FESWMS, SWMM EXTRAN, or other modeling programs for restoration project design, floodplain mapping and analysis, bridge scour studies, levee assessments, flood management, sediment transport analyses, dam breach routing, stormwater system design, culvert replacements, or similar projects.
  • GIS Analyses – hydrologic and hydraulic model input development, model output post-processing, flood inundation map preparation, impact or benefit analysis, report figure creation, design drawing revision, and similar product development using ESRI ArcGIS software. We also maintain proficiency with other pre- and post-processing modeling tools that interface with the ArcGIS software, including SMS, HEC-GeoRAS, RAS Mapper, and AutoCAD.
  • Field Services –implementation, operation and maintenance of remote gaging networks, streamflow and velocity measurements, sediment sampling, and elevation surveys.  WSE also owns and operates its own DJI Phantom UAV (“drone”), which provides the ability to capture unique photographic perspectives and collect aerial survey to help us better understand our project sites. WSE is capable of producing topographic and bathymetric surfaces, monitoring sediment characteristics and transport, and assessing infrastructure and habitat conditions via drone-collected data.  Colin is our FAA certified remote pilot for operating the drone.

WSE staff have broad experience in the application of each of these tools.  Our goal is to use our intimate knowledge of all available tools to help you, our client, choose an approach that is right for your project. We recognize that one of the biggest benefits we can bring to a project is defining an appropriate approach and implementing it with care and accuracy. This is the goal in every project we undertake.

In addition to the application of the  tools listed above WSE offers the following specialty services:

  • FEMA Map Revision requests – preparation of Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) and Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) requests to FEMA for levee certifications, floodplain re-delineations, and floodway modifications. WSE also prepares technical appeals to FEMA mapping studies. Our staff are current with the latest FEMA regulations, including recent changes regarding levees and endangered species.
  • Forensic Investigations – expert technical assistance for mediation, arbitration, or litigation of water resource issues including flooding problems, stormwater management, erosion hazards, sedimentation problems, water rights issues, and river navigability assessments.
  • Risk-Based Analysis – including risk analyses using USACE procedures for flood control projects, such as dams and levees.  Also risk based evaluations for dam safety using the Washington Department of Ecology Dam Safety guidelines.